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The Postbump Project

The Postbump Project is a platform created for women to help you navigate through your postpartum recovery. It's your place to learn, connect and be inspired.

If you have leakage, a weak pelvic floor, ab separation or like most need to learn more about how to thrive through this tough but special time in your life, then this is the place for you.

Come join us at - we look forward to helping you!

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Join the Community

Whether you're in Darwin or half way around the world, you can learn about your body and how to look after it. Follow the Instagram @thepostbumpproject where I post about all things women's health. You'll find educational posts and a place where you can ask me questions through comments or message me directly.

To join a supportive community of link minded women, connect with us in the Facebook group 'The Postbump Group'. This is a safe space for women to support each other, share experiences and learn about women's health through pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Come join us, we'd loved to have you!

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